Recruitment Drive

NHCFAE Membership Recruitment Drive

June 1, 2013 through May 31, 2014

We recognize that all members contribute to our recruitment efforts.The NHCFAE encourages members to recruit and offers incentives to encourage recruitment efforts.We are offering cash awards to our recruiters and their regions, as well as a new member appreciation bonus.

Membership Recruitment Contest and Awards

You  will receive $50 for every new member you recruit and recognition in La Palabra.

The new member; in addition to being recognized in La Palabra, will also receive $50 for joining and a welcome gift in the mail along with your new membership package.

Also, the member who recruits the most new members will win a cash award of $250!

The Chapter whose membership percentage increases the most during the recruitment drive will be awarded 1 paid registration fee for the NHCFAE Annual Training Conference, plus $250 cash award!

All original signed SF-1187s must be submitted to the National Membership Chair via email at

Please direct any questions to:

Mindy Moreno- NHCFAE National Membership Chair at