Here are the corrections we need to work on for the website to be better.

About us “Region/Chapter Directors” -Need to fix all the page. The title of the Regional are all over the place. Please, see attachment.

“Constitution and Bylaws” -need to fix links (not working) National Constitutions and Bylaws.

Join NHCFAE “How to join”- link to SF-1187 form not working.

The Annual Conference tab- It needs to show how I had it. 1st Tab- “2014 Conference” with info where people can go and register there. 2ND Tab- “Past Conference”
*(we need to work on this one ASAP! as members and non-members will be trying to register and links are not working)

Education “Danny Gutierrez”- application link is not working (do I just need to upload the appl again?)

Featured News Post
*Note-all of the post here have about the same problem. See attachment.
1. If you click on the icon picture, it just goes to a bigger template, is that what is suppose to do?
2. Under the icon of each a date shows, how can we get rid of that?
3. It shows a few comments and some links that I believe shouldn’t be there, can we please remove that?

The link to the Career Planning is not working nor all the other links where you say click here to read more…. Please fix all of them.

The 3 boxes in the bottom
1. Member Benefits- doesn’t go anywhere, it goes to the home page. Should we add the link to member benefits?

Region/Chapter Directors- just need to update as I mention above.

Please, let me know if I need to explain anything that I have stated above.