•  By joining NHCFAE, you become part of a robust community dedicated to supporting and empowering it's members within the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • You will have access to exclusive resources, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities designed to elevate your career.
  •  NHCFAE stands as a voice for it's members, advocating for equal opportunities, fair treatment, and inclusive policies within the Federal Aviation Administration and DOT
  • Engage in discussions, forums, and events that foster collaboration, idea exchange, and collective problem-solving for the betterment of the organization.  
  • Benefit from educational workshops, seminars, and training sessions aimed at skill enhancement, leadership and career development.
  • Contribute to shaping policies and initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within the FAA.
  • Gain support from a network of like-minded individuals, fostering solidarity and camaraderie, enhancing both personal and professional growth.


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Remember, the NHCFAE is not just an employee association; it's a supportive community dedicated to the success and representation of all it's members.

Join us to be a part of this impactful journey!


  • Annual Conferences with career training and networking opportunities.

  •  Tuition reimbursement for members pursuing higher education

  • Scholarships for dependents of members through the generosity of the NHCFAE Foundation FAAmilia Scholarship Program

  • Rene Matos Scholarships available to our members, Hispanics, women, and minorities.

  • Joy of knowing that your support helps ensure the FAA is recruiting in in our diverse communities

  • NHCFAE online community through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Free subscription to our quarterly magazine “FAAmilia”

  • Participation in polls, surveys, and contests so that your feedback can influence the direction of our organization

  • Invitations and volunteer opportunities at local and national NHCFAE events

  • Opportunity to mentor and inpire the next generation of FAA and aviation professionals. 

  • Leadership opportunities in the NHCFAE

  • Build meaningful relationships with professionals who enrich your life and share your vision to make a difference in the community


Any person agreeing with the objectives of the Coalition is invited to become a member!
There are four types of membership offered by the NHCFAE.

Active (Employee) Membership

Any member in good standing. Active members have voting privileges and may hold any elected or appointed office or committee membership in the NHCFAE.

Associate Membership

Any individual who is not employed by the FAA and would like to support NHCFAE can be an Associate Member. Associate level membership does not include voting privileges.

  • You will receive our quarterly newsletter, invitations to events, member rate for conference registration, and e-mail correspondence. We can also connect you to members in your region.

  • Annual dues are $150.00 and are due on October 5 of each year.  Submit a check and/or money order to your RCD made out to NHCFAE along with a completed: Associate Membership Application (for non-FAA employees).   Contact your local Region or Center Chapter Director for more details.

Retiree Membership

An active member retired from the FAA. Only active members, in good standing, can exercise the rights and privileges afforded by the Constitution, and its Bylaws; including the right to vote and hold office.

  • Dues are waived for the first year after retirement.  After the first year of retirement, membership dues are $150.00 per year, and are due on October 5 of each year.  Submit a check and/or money order to your RCD made out to NHCFAE along with a completed Retiree Membership Application.  Contact your local Region or Center Chapter Director for more details.

Honarary Membership

Individuals who have served and/or supported NHCFAE above and beyond the call.

  • Submit nominations to the National Vice President. Nominees will be conferred by the Executive Committee.

  • Contact your local Region or Center Chapter Director for more details.