Associate Membership Application

How to apply for an Associate Membership:

Submit a check and/or money order to your Regional Chapter Director made out to NHCFAE along with a completed: Associate Membership Application Form (for non-FAA employees).   Contact your local Region or Center Chapter Director for more details.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER INSTRUCTIONS:  Submit this form by October 5 of each year directly to the Regional Chapter Director with your annual dues of $150. To find chapter, visit Thank you and welcome to the NHCFAE.

INSTRUCTIONS TO RCD: Send a copy of application via email to National Director of Resources and National Membership Chair. RCD retain a copy of this form for chapter records. Return a copy to new member after approved and signed by NHCFAE.

NOTICE OF ANNUAL DUES: Dues are $150.00 annually and due by October 5, of each year to your local Chapter