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To serve the needs of the NHCFAE and the members, the NHCFAE designed the following system to help our current and future members select the best type of membership and to ease the system of payment and paperwork. The NHCFAE has the following five types of membership:

1. Active Membership

NHCFAE Bylaws states in order to be an active member, a member must be in good standing based on:

a) Dues are not overdue for more than 60 days

b) Maintain the interests of the NHCFAE

c) Signed application on file

Dues for Active/voting members shall be 0.4% (0.004) of the adjusted basic pay per pay.

2. Retiree Membership

Open to retired NHCFAE members. First year of dues waived. After the first year of retirement, membership dues are $150.00 per year and are due on October 5 of each following year. For retirement membership, please forward a copy of your SF-50 to Please sanitize your social security number and date of birth.

3. Associate/Non-Voting Membership

Open to any person interested in the activities of the Organization. This membership type has no voting privileges. Associate membership dues are $150.00 per year, and are due by October 5 of each year.

Click here to download an SF-1187 form for Payroll Deduction and email it to Misty Pena, You may also download a membership application form here, if you do not wish to use the automated option below.

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