Juneteenth 2023

Juneteenth 2023


Today, we come together to commemorate the significance of Juneteenth. A momentous
day in American history and reflect on the principles it represents—freedom, unity, and the
relentless pursuit of equality. Juneteenth holds deep meaning and resonance for Americans. It
marks the day when the news of emancipation finally reached the last enslaved individuals in
Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865. It symbolizes the end of an era defined by human bondage
and serves as a reminder of the enduring struggle for justice and equality that has shaped our
nation’s story.

Let us use this occasion to renew our dedication to fostering a workplace environment that
values diversity, equity, and inclusion. By celebrating our differences, embracing our shared
heritage, and promoting equal opportunities, we can contribute to a stronger and more vibrant
society that uplifts individuals from all backgrounds. As we commemorate Juneteenth, let us
engage in meaningful conversations, educate ourselves and others, and take action towards
dismantling systemic barriers that hinder progress and carry on injustice. Together, we can
shape a brighter future where every individual, regardless of race, ethnicity, or background, can
soar to new heights of success.

On behalf of the National Hispanic Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees, I wish you a joyous
Juneteenth. May this day inspire us to redouble our efforts in pursuing equality, justice, and
unity within our organization, our FAA, and our communities.

In solidarity,

Oscar A. Torres
National Hispanic Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees