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Microsoft Office Suite Applications
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The applications are on your computer and you probably use the same ones everyday. Most people don’t use the Microsoft Office Suite to its full capacity. More in-depth knowledge can make you a lot more efficient in your job.

MS Word 2010 Introduction (Search Course # FAA20000063)

MS Excel 2010 Introduction (Search Course # FAA20000062)

MS Excel 2010 Skills Level 1 (Search Course# FAA20000069)

MS Excel 2010 Skills Level 2 (Search Course# FAA20000082)

MS PowerPoint 2010 Introduction (Search Course # FAA20000061)

Introduction to Microsoft OneNote 2010 (Search Course # FAA20000064)

Microsoft SharePoint Fundamentals 2010 (Search Course# FAA20000050)

Introduction to Project Management using Project 2010 (Search Course# mo_bprj_a01_dt_enus)