NHCFAE Participates in Latinas in Aviation Global Festival

It was an honor for our NHCFAE to once again be present at the Annual Global Festival celebrating Latinas in Aviation.  This year the event was even more special to us since  4 authors of Volume 2 of Latinas in Aviation are members of our NHCFAE FAAmilia. We are extremely proud of Liz Alvarado (Vol. 1 Author), Karen Perez, Louisa Ocasio, Frances Mercado-Velazquez, and Keanne Vallejo-Huertas. (Vol. 2 Authors) They are  truly inspirational Latinas. 

President Oscar Torres and former President Bill Fernandez were joined in the celebrations by local members of our FAAmilia.

The FAA was well represented by our members and also by the Deputy Administrator of the FAA Mr. Bradley Mims who gave remarks. He was also joined by his Chief of Staff Ms. Tara Macdaniel. 

A big thank you goes to Bill Fernandez for leading the coalition efforts to support the event. This was held at the College Park aviation museum in Maryland. In conjunction with the celebrations, our coalition members also spoke about Aviation & FAA careers to local students who were present. The NHCFAE will continue to support and take part in events like these in our communities. Its part of our never-ending mission to inspire and mentor the next generation of aviation and FAA professionals.