NHCFAE Sponsors Drone Academy

The NHCFAE is committed in supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and careers, and last week NHCFAE Southern Region Director Freidy Lazala was present along with President Oscar Torres at the launch of The Drone Academy Program in Pine Crest Academy in Space Coast, FL.
Our NHCFAE Southern Region proudly sponsors this program led by Dr. Suzanne Banas. Dr. Banas has dedicated her entire professional career to education and she is focusing on aviation topics and collaborating with schools in Florida.
The first Drone class was comprised of 10 young ladies eager to learn about the principles of flight, UAS rules, regulations and safety. They performed various exercises with the drones ranging from maneuvering to taking photos utilizing the drones.
The NHCFAE recognizes the importance of STEM education in preparing students for high-demand careers in the aviation industry and other fields. We will continue to support initiatives around the country like this one to promote STEM education, such as organizing educational events and partnerships with schools, colleges, and other organizations.
Our coalition works diligently to bring awareness to students regarding STEM careers and provides resources and mentorship opportunities to help them achieve their goals. Through these efforts, our NHCFAE aims to increase diversity and representation in the STEM fields and contribute to a more inclusive and innovative workforce in the STEM related industry.