NHCFAE supports FAA at (HACU) Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities conference.

On October 28-30, 2023 NHCFAE members supported FAA HR efforts at the HACU Conference held in Chicago.
We joined Director Heather Fernuik Petrenko and spoke to students and conference participants about internship and career opportunities offered in the Federal Aviation Administration
NHCFAE Members who participated were Ruth Hurtado, M.S., Caroline King, Gioia Albi, Dr. William S. McClinton Ed.D. MBA and President Oscar Torres. Our NHCFAE is proud to continue to partner with the FAA and support it’s mission.

Our commitment continues to grow with Hispanic Serving Institutions and all Minority Serving Institutions. Ensuring that students are aware of opportunities in federal government is at the core of our mission.


Front Left to Right: President Oscar Torres, Caroline King, RUTH HURTADO, Director Heather Fernuik, Gioai Albi and Dr. McClinton