Aviation Career Education Day (ACE) at the Western Pacific Regional Office

On November 20th, the Western Pacific Regional Office played host to an incredible Aviation Career Day, igniting the imaginations of nearly 30 enthusiastic kids from schools across the LA area. This event, strategically timed during the Thanksgiving break, showcased a day filled with immersive workshops focused on diverse facets of the aviation industry.

The eager participants delved into the intricacies of Air Traffic Control, Technical Operations, and Engineering through engaging workshops tailored to spark their interest and curiosity. However, the day wasn’t just about technical know-how.

A standout session was led by Skyone Federal Credit Union, delivering a crucial lesson on financial responsibility. Students gained invaluable insights into banking fundamentals, emphasizing the importance of fiscal literacy—a skillset essential for their future endeavors.

The event’s success was not just measured by the workshops, but also by the unwavering commitment of our coalition to serve and uplift our communities. These initiatives underscore our dedication to fostering a new generation of aviation enthusiasts and professionals.

A heartfelt thank you extends to all the volunteers whose dedication and passion made this day possible. Their invaluable contributions helped shape an unforgettable experience. The collaboration and enthusiasm showcased reaffirm our resolve to continue hosting such events, nurturing talent, and making a lasting impact in our communities.