NHCFAE and OBAP Support STEM in Florida

In two occasions in the month of June,  NHCFAE members had the opportunity to collaborate with OBAP, The
Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals, and participated in two ACE Camps in Ft.
Lauderdale and Miami. Our NHCFAE was represented by our National STEM/ACE
Coordinator Araceli Gonzalez. She was joined by STEM outreach representative and NHCAFE member Antonio DeLeon.
Youngsters from southern Florida were treated to camps focused on introducing them to diverse
career paths in aviation. They gained valuable insights with workshops and seminars and received mentorship from several aviation professionals.

We at the NHCFAE remain committed to supporting these camps and initiatives aroundthe country. By collaborating with organizations like OBAP, we aim to foster an inclusive
environment in not just the FAA, but in the aviation industry as a whole. Our work will continue in raising awareness about these amazing careers and opportunities in
underrepresented communities. We wholeheartedly believe that together we can inspire and empower the next generation of aviation and FAA professionals, regardless of their
ethnic background, to reach new heights in the career path they choose.