The NHCFAE celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

Celebrations  took place around the country this year which included some of the following:

NHCFAE members highlighted on FAA video

Southwest Region

Regional Director

The celebrations continued around the country with in personsgatherings that began on September16th . Our Southwest region director
Lydia Gomez-Martinez gathered with local members of our NHCFAE and local elected leaders of the FortWorth community. The event was
also supported by Executive Board members Erik Salazar who drove down from Oklahoma City and HildaBanda who drove up from Houston.
Former National Director of Administration Misty Peña also joined the group. The celebration took place at the Fort Worth aviation museum where everyone enjoyed traditional food, music and also the airplanes that were on display at the museum. Lydia spoke to everyone in attendance and emphasized our coalition’s commitment to support the community in hosting more events in the
future which will include career fairs with local colleges and universities.

Northwest Mountain

Northwest Mountain Director Karla Valdez joined her NHCFAE FAAmilia in a gathering nearby Seattle.It had been quite sometime

due to the pandemic but everyone is excited since Northwest Mountain will be Hosting the 2023 National Training Conference

on August 1-3, 2023 in Seattle.

Western Pacific

Western Pacific also celebrated by getting together in the LA area and the Bay Area. Director Nat Peres and Director of Public Affairs

Susie Diaz joined member of the area for a great evening together.

Heritage from Latin America

Celebrations continued by highlighting the heritage of members of our FAAmilia from all over latin America.

Everyday for the 30 days of Hispanic Heritage Month we celebrated. Here is a small video of that. To see all the members

that were celebrated please visit our Instagram page here : HHM Heritage Latin America


Heritage Month Closing Remarks from President Oscar Torres